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People put in a lot of effort planning your special event. Whether it’s wedding, birthday bash, or corporate extravaganza. This includes parking. Hiring a valet parking service ensures your guests receive the VIP treatment
Some payment methods may support currencies other than what’s already listed in this article. You may notice that an additional payment method
The system enables employees to view available spaces for the specific date / time, reserve a parking slot, and receive the confirmation via web application
Our car parks use a variety of entry and exit methods depending on where you have booked parking for. The car park you have made a booking
In reality, the lack of designated parking spaces often results in legal disputes. For instance, while purchasing a new property, toallow parking spaces
According to the DGCA, if the delay is for less than 24 hours from the scheduled departure, you are entitled to meals and refreshments at the airport.
We process your refund within 5 business days. Once the refund is processed, the refunded amount will be returned to your original payment method
Tipping is completely up to each individual guest. If you wish the establishment be a non-tipping event, gratuities can be added to the contract

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